Maybe you didn’t know, but dryer sheets have a lot of different uses besides removing static from your laundry. Here are some useful ways that dryer sheets can make your cleaning tasks easier beyond the dryer.

Dusting With Dryer Sheets

We all know that dryer sheets can make fabrics feel softer by preventing static and clothes from sticking together. But, did you know that those properties can help you with cleaning dust? Well, they can pick up dust along with these other helpful uses:

  • cleaning computer monitors and television screens
  • removing dust from your ceiling fans
  • picking up dust on your window sills, mini-blinds and baseboards
  • removing pet hair from your furniture
  • dusting off bookshelves, tables and other wooden furniture

Using Dryer Sheets to Clean Up Spills

It’s never any fun to clean up spilled baby powder or flour from your floors. But, dryer sheets can come to your rescue as the same properties that enable them to deal with static make them handy helpers when cleaning up dry spills.

Bathroom Cleaning Uses for Dryer Sheets

Most likely you’ve never considered using dryer sheets when cleaning the bathroom. Surprisingly though, they can be quite useful in this area as well. Here are some of their uses in your bathroom:

  • dusting bathroom cabinets, vanities, toilet tanks and around the base of the toilet
  • wiping off bathroom mirrors
  • cleaning chrome shower or sink fixtures
  • cleaning soap scum on shower doors and tiles
  • wiping away makeup and hair from sinks

Some Other Dryer Sheet Uses

In addition, dryer sheets can come in handy in other ways, especially when you’re heading out the door in a rush. Here are some quick uses:

  • removing pet hair from clothing
  • eliminating static from dresses and skirts causing them to cling to stockings and stopping shirts from clinging to sweaters
  • taming hair flyaways
  • removing deodorant marks from your clothing
  • wiping away smudges on your eyeglasses

So, there you have it! Many more ways to use dryer sheets besides doing laundry.

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