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A Professional Delmar House Cleaning Company

We are a full-service house cleaning company serving Albany and the Greater Capital Region. Whether you are looking for regular cleaning services for your home or are interested in a one-time move-in or move-out cleaning, we are your professional house cleaners!

What To Expect From Our House Cleaning Services

If you live in the Albany area, and you need professional house cleaning services, you definitely want to keep reading. Because we cater to those who want a cleaning service on a regular basis, as well as those who only require it once-off. For example, if you are moving and you need the place cleaned out, we'll be glad to offer our professional services.

Nobody understands how your personal and professional lives can take all your time better than we do.

And when you finally agree that some help is necessary regarding your hygiene on the home-front, it's not because you are a lazy person. On the contrary, you have much better things to worry about than sanitizing the bathroom. For example, your kids and partner need you, just like you have career responsibilities to uphold. So if you are going to call a professional home cleaning service in City, let it be the best people in the business. Because then you can trust things at home will be clean and organized when you arrive.

The reason we at Maid Spotless Cleaning Services understand your situation so well is because we can relate. In terms of juggling family and a job, it's not easy.

And that's why our professional cleaners won't cut any corners. From start to finish, every inch of your home will be in the cleanest possible condition. You can expect us to dust, mop, wash, and disinfect every surface with only the most effective methods and techniques. In other words, you can let anyone into your home after our team gets through with it, and feel nothing but confidence that everything is spotless.

House Cleaning Services According To Your Needs

It's already been established that the good citizens of Albany don't always have the time to properly clean the house. And if this situation sounds familiar, we are the people who can help you out. Because for the most part, our clients like it when our teams show up on a regular basis. More specifically, clients ask for weekly or biweekly services. Which is when we show up prepared and ready for any project, thanks to the planned and organized approach we ultimately use.

If we have to be completely honest, our most popular package is the biweekly service. Especially when the clients are big families with growing children running around all over the place. This leads to a lot of toys lying around where they shouldn't, and the children coming into contact with several surfaces as they explore their surroundings. But with an in-depth biweekly cleaning, it's like getting a new start on a regular basis.

You should also know that the monthly cleaning option also gets a lot of attention. And this is when homeowners focus on some very deep cleaning. Whereas the weekly package is up there with the biweekly service, seeing as it is the most cost-effective package. But it doesn't matter what you choose, because if you use Maid Spotless Cleaning Services, there should never be any doubt that you are getting the best in the business.

Preparing And Coping With Special Occasions

Do you love being the host in the Capital Region? Is it your natural talent to throw the best events and gatherings? In fact, the only reason you don't throw more parties is that you are left with cleaning things up afterward. Well, you don't have to when our professional services are available. It doesn't matter how big or small your event or gathering, we'll be there to properly get the place back into its previously pleasant state.

Home Cleaning With Us Is A Personalized Experience

Just like you value your home, we value the private space of our clients. That means we clean and respect your premises like it is our own. It also means we always give extra attention to disinfecting and deodorizing the home to the best of our ability – every time.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the extensive house cleaning services we offer, but we are more than confident that nobody does it better.

So, if you'll find anything at Maid Spotless Cleaning Services, it is the dedication to always do a great job when cleaning your home.


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Routine Residential Cleaning

We can come on a routine basis. Weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly

Apartment Clean Outs

We can clean the apartment in between tenants. No job too big or small.

Occasional Residential Cleanings

Holidays coming? Family coming to town? Preparing for a party? Change of season? We can help.

Real Estate Cleanings

We can help get the house ready for pictures or open houses.

Are You Or Someone You Know Fighting Cancer?

Amazing Gift Of Free House Cleaning

Managing to keep a home clean is hard enough, but when cancer hits a household, the burden can be overwhelming. Maid Spotless Cleaning Services is proud to announce that it has partnered with Cleaning for a Reason A free service offering 2 free house cleanings to patients currently undergoing cancer treatments. Find out more and apply below.

I would recommend

I would recommend Jenn's cleaning services to anyone! She is wonderful!

~Caren S. West Sand Lake

I could not be happier with her work

Jenn has been a life saver for me! She is exceptional and I could not be happier with her work.


~Holli Averill Park

She can clean my house any day!!

Jenn is not only a great cleaner, she is a wonderful person that makes her time at your house something to look forward to!! She can clean my house any day!!


~Melva O. West Sand Lake

Coming home to a house that is clean smelling

Wonderful service! Jenn does a great job. There is nothing like coming home to a house that is clean smelling, dust free, sparkling stove and crumbless counters. I have her come every two weeks and love it. It takes so much stress off of me. Definitely worth it! She has also helped me with organizing and decluttering.

~Annette C. Wynantskill

Who has time to keep up with house work?! I need help!

Me at 9 years old: Mom, I love helping you clean other people’s houses.

Me at 12 years old: Mom, I’ll clean my own room.

Me at 25 years old: Man, I love cleaning my house; it is so rewarding.

Me at 38 years old: Wow, cleaning my house is not as fun as I once remember, and this belly is in the way, pfft.

Me at 39 years old: Holy moly!  An infant, a new house, a dog, 2 cats and a full time job (and surprise, surprise, another baby on the way) – who has time to keep up with house work?! I need help!

These days, I find there few things in life that are worth the money you pay for, but Maid Spotless Cleaning Service is on the top of my list!  We built a new house and had a mobile child crawling around on the floors finding every crumb or dust ball that may have gotten missed during my attempt at “speed cleaning” during nap time.  I needed help so I called around and got a few quotes.  I was a little shocked by the quotes I received and was undecided if I should follow through.  It was just then that I heard Jenn was looking to take on another client.  It was a sign. I called her and the rest is history.

My favorite thing to do every 4th Monday is to walk into my house and feel the weight lifted off my shoulders because I know the house is clean. Like, really, really clean.  At 7 months pregnant I also decided I needed to organize the basement.  Nesting? Likely.  Could I actually do it? No…but I knew who could.  I am happy to report if I need to find our Christmas decorations, old photos, or the Rubbermaid hamburger press, I know exactly where it is now.  I was there when Jenn tackled my basement and she helped me to identify things I needed to keep and things I should just toss.  We even started a pile for our next garage sale.

Would I recommend Maid Spotless Cleaning Service? Absolutely.

But only on the days they are not already scheduled to come to my house 😉

~Pam G. Clifton Park

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About the Owner…

Jenn Jubrey

Jenn Jubrey


Lets keep it clean

Being a busy wife, mother and friend. I completely understand what it is like to need help. In the daily juggle of life, it is important to prioritize the to do list.

We can keep it clean for you

I have been helping people maintain a clean home for over 3 years. Being a mother for over 22 years, I have been doing the same for all that time. I always wondered how did it seem my mother was able to keep the house clean all the time. Over the years of parenting and marriage I have figured out some tricks to help cleaning go faster in your home. I am one of the few who enjoys cleaning. There is a great deal of self satisfaction that comes with a good hard day of work when the end product is a beautiful, clean space.