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Real Estate Cleaning

We offer a wide variety of cleaning service for those in real estate. Listed below are a variety of available services.

We partner with realtors to clean their client's homes to SELL! We do this using an optimized presentation approach, where we section the entire home into priority zones. This helps us really focus our attention and detail on the ares of highest priority.This gives the homeowner the highest value return. We then clean the remaining areas at varying levels of detail, depending on the goals of the realtor and the client.

Whether you are a property owner or a Realtor, we know you’re busy taking care of your business. You do not have the time to worry about cleaning your properties or managing those who do. Let us do what we do best, while you concentrate on what you do best.

We offer Move-In and Move-Out cleanings for property owners, and cleaning services for properties currently on the market for sale: Open Houses, Showings, and Closing Day Cleanings. In this competitive environment, value-added services help you stand apart.

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Pre-Pictures Cleaning
You've decided to put your house on the market. Let us use our optimized presentation approach to help you get your house in the best condition for ideal pictures for your listing. We know what will bring potential buyers to your house to help you sell faster.
Open House Cleaning
A nice perk you can offer your clients is an Open House Cleaning. Your clients will love the stress free feeling of walking into their sparkling clean new home.


Pre-closing Cleaning
The excitement levels are high. You've searched, found and finally closed on your new home. Congratulations! Let us come in and get everything cleaned and ready you to do the fun part of moving and settling in.

Are You Or Someone You Know Fighting Cancer?

Amazing Gift Of Free House Cleaning

Managing to keep a home clean is hard enough, but when cancer hits a household, the burden can be overwhelming. Maid Spotless Cleaning Services is proud to announce that it has partnered with Cleaning for a Reason A free service offering 2 free house cleanings to patients currently undergoing cancer treatments. Find out more and apply below.