If you’re particular about your cheeses, or you realize how much more already shredded cheese costs, you probably want to grate your own cheese. While the grating part is easy, it’s not so easy to clean your cheese grater. This also goes for microplanes and lemon jesters.

But, there are tips for cleaning these items without shredding skin or tedious scrubbing.

Life is Easier if you Clean Immediately

As you know with baked on dishes and other kitchen items, the more time food has to harden on your cooking objects, the harder they are to clean. However, you can easily reduce your cleaning time by taking a couple minutes to rinsing your cheese grater as soon as you’re finished using it.

Cleaning a Grater in the Dishwasher

One of the best and easiest ways to clean a grater is to put it in your dishwasher, if you have one. But check first to see if it is dishwasher safe. Also, it’s best to skip the dry cycle, as this might bake on leftover food bits. Better to remove those leftover pieces by wiping the grater dry with a cloth.

Cleaning a Cheese Grater with Lemon

As you know, lemon is a great cleaning agent and once again it can be useful when cleaning your cheese grater.

What you will need:

one lemon, halved

two to three tablespoons of salt

small bowl

dishwashing liquid

microfiber cloth

  1. Pour salt into your bowl.
  2. Take the cut side of the lemon iand dip it into the salt.
  3. Use the lemon with salt to scrub your grater.
  4. Let it sit for up to five minutes.
  5. Rinse the grater with hot water to remove the lemon juice and residue.
  6. Use the dishwashing liquid, water and a cloth and wash the grater just as you would your dishes. But, wipe down over the blades (unlike the direction of grating), which prevents scraping yourself.

If you don’t have any lemons, you can substitute this process with a potato.

Cleaning a Cheese Grater with a Pastry Brush

Another use for your pastry brush is to use it to clean your cheese grater. Simply follow the next steps.

What you will need:

dry pastry brush or clean toothbrush

dishwashing liquid

microfiber cloth

  1. Take the pastry brush and brush down over the blades of the grater or zester (unlike the direction of grating) to remove any leftover pieces of cheese or lemon.
  2. Wash the grater with the dishwashing liquid and cloth to clean the grater like you would your dishes, making sure you wipe down over the blades (not against) which prevents scraping yourself.

By following these simple instructions you can more easily clean your cheese grater, lemon zester or microplanes without having to deprive yourself of freshly grated cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Also, you can do so without scraping your fingers or spending a lot of time in frustration trying to clean kitchen tools. So, enjoy your cheese and favorite fruits and veggies!

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