A pile of paper doesn’t seem like much at first, but as more piles accumulate it becomes a tedious task to eliminate the growing mountains of paper. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed in paper clutter! There are some simple ways to prevent and eliminate paper from taking over your dining room table and countertops.

Begin with a Paper Purge Party

If you’re already drowning in paper piles, you will want to begin by purging the mess. Grab a recycling bin and start tossing out all the old unopened junk mail, greeting cards, long paid billing statements and magazines.

Buy a Shredder and Get Shredding

If you’re someone who is afraid to throw out paper containing sensitive information, such as bank statements, tax records and cancelled checks, you need to get a paper shredder. You only need to purchase an inexpensive shredder and shred those old papers, put the shreddings in a recycling bin and be done with it.

Deal with Your Mail as Soon as It’s Delivered

To stop creating new paper piles, go through your mail as soon as you bring it into your home. Drop junk mail and flyers into a recycling bin instead of throwing them on your table; put bills to be paid in an inbox; important papers such as insurance policies in a file folder; and recycle old magazines when new ones arrive.

Go Green and Paperless

Most banks, credit card and utility companies now offer paperless billing. You can prevent paper piles before they begin by signing up for this option. Even newspapers and magazines offer online reader subscriptions so you don’t have to end up with stacks of old papers.

Free Yourself from Junk Mail

Unwanted junk mail, flyers and catalogs can quickly overload you with mountains of paper. Take a few moments to check retail catalogs for contact information so you can email or call the retailer and request to be removed from their mailing lists. Do the same for charitable organizations that you’ve donated to in the past as they will continue to bombard you with new solicitations. In addition, visit the Federal Trade Commission website for information on stopping credit card offers and other pre-screened marketing materials.

You can also check with your local post office or put a note in your mailbox to request no delivery of mailing circulars.

So, with some minimal preparation and a new organizational routine in place you can stop the paper overload and win the war on paper clutter.

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