Do you dread having to vacuum? It’s not that it’s a difficult task, but some of us just don’t like taking the time to get it done, although it’s a necessary ongoing chore. What if there were some tips that would help you get the job done more quickly? That might make this cleaning task seem less dreadful, wouldn’t it? Well, read on because there are some ways to save you time and maybe change your thoughts about vacuuming.

Here are some tips from cleaning pros:

1. Make a Plan

How many times have you finished vacuuming a room and then realized you should have dusted first? Probably when the dust starts flying onto your freshly vacuumed floor. So, that’s why planning first will save you time from more vacuuming.

2. Start with a Clean Vacuum

If you start vacuuming and your air filter or vacuum bag is full, your vacuum can’t work effectively and you will spend more time vacuuming to pick up dust, cat hair and debris. This happens because a full container blocks the airflow which affects the amount of suction. So you’re working harder and longer to clean your floors. Best to start with a clean vacuum beforehand and you’ll save time and effort.

3. Clear Your Floors First

Nothing is more annoying than having to stop vacuuming to pick up and move objects on your floors when you’re getting the job done. It is time-saving and less frustrating to remove toys, clothes and other items before you start. You also will prevent small objects from getting stuck in your vacuum cleaner.

4. Know How to Use Your Vacuum

There are many different vacuum cleaners on the market and they have different ways of operating and tools for specific purposes. If you take the time to read your vacuum manufacturer’s operating and care instructions, and follow recommendations, you will save time by using your appliance appropriately.

5. Maintain a Regular Vacuum Routine

If you spend a short amount of time cleaning your floors during the week, it will save you time in the long run as less dirt will accumulate. Waiting to vacuum after a full week or two will lead to more accumulation and will take longer to vacuum because you will have to go over the flooring multiple times.

These tips may sound like common sense, but too often homemakers will just grab the vacuum when they find the time without thinking about these things ahead of time. By following these simple suggestions, you will save more time overall.

However, if you still dread cleaning your floors or don’t want to spend your precious time on house cleaning, contact your local house cleaning company in Albany, Maid Spotless Cleaning Services.  We look forward to taking care of all your cleaning needs to make your life easier.